Who We Are

Blessed to be living out this life together...

For Dawn and I, our journey started the fall of 1988, in the basement sunday school class of a church in Central Illinois. Who could have ever dreamed that nearly 30 years later this would be the life we are living out together. We have been blessed with 3 children, 1 grandchild, as well as a lot of other children around the world we've been blessed to have some very special connections with.

Dawn and I have been blessed to travel a lot and have seen and experienced quite a bit together. Our journey is far from over and we love living this life Christ has called us to. We are far from perfect and its our hope that we are transparent to that point. The last thing we want to come across as, is a perfect family. We make lots of mistakes, loose our temper, make bad decisions, and through it all lean heavy on Christ to correct, grow, and mature us. It's a blessed life.
A journal of our journey as we live out this wounderful path God has called us too.

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