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My name is Ward... I am a story-teller... I firmly believe there is never a good reason to be short and to the point when there is so much that can be missed without telling the whole story.

All joking aside it has taken me a good part of my adult life to get comfortable with the fact that every time I "share" there is always a story involved. I have had to embrace this is just the way God wired my brain.

I also have several long time friends and travel buddies that will tell you "wierd things just happen around me"... so there is truly always a story to tell. I have decided it is just best to embrace this fact and to tell the stories as God reveals them to me.

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One Man’s Trash

One Man’s Trash

We have all heard the saying “One Man’s Trash…” let me stop your brain right there,  before you go to “treasure” let’s just say at a minimum… it just shouldn’t be trash.  

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A journal of our journey as we live out this wounderful path God has called us too.

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